Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AISD outperforms other urban school districts in math and reading in national test

This year, AISD was one of 21 urban school districts that participated in the Trial Urban District Assessment, which is part of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). I’ve just received the results, and I’m thrilled to report that our students’ scores in mathematics and reading are among the highest in the nation!

NAEP is a nationally representative test that reports on what students know and can do in core academic subjects. It is the only assessment that allows valid comparisons among students in school districts in different states, and the data show that Austin’s fourth and eighth grade students continue to outperform their peers in most other urban districts.

Here are just a few highlights from Austin’s NAEP report card:
  • AISD eighth grade students ranked 1st out of 21 other urban districts in mathematics.
  • AISD fourth grade students ranked near the top of the charts in reading and mathematics.
  • The percentages of AISD students in both grades scoring at or above Basic in reading have increased significantly since 2005, and have outpaced the statewide average over that period.
I am extremely proud of our students and staff, who continue to prove that they are outstanding among their peers.