Thursday, October 20, 2011

Target Transforms T.A.Brown Library

There was a sense of excitement and anticipation in North Austin at T.A. Brown Elementary School last Friday as I waited with Principal Veronica Sharp, her students and teachers, and more than 100 volunteers for Target to unveil the results of the long-awaited library makeover at the campus.

We were not disappointed.

The “oohs” and “ahhs” could be heard all over the building. And the students were just as excited as us grownups to see the transformation!

Last fall, T.A. Brown, also known as “The Best School in Town,” was chosen as one of the 42 U.S. Schools to benefit from the 2011 Target School Library Makeover program. This program leverages Target’s world-class design and construction expertise to transform elementary school libraries.

Because T.A. Brown was built in 1957, the library was ready for a makeover. And what a makeover it was. 

The redesigned library included new lighting, new furniture and carpeting, eco-friendly design elements, and new reading spaces. And, because we try and stress recycling, the new shelving installed allowed the campus to reuse the old shelving as a literacy lending library for teachers. How cool is that?

The new technology upgrades Target provided also included 10 new iPads for the campus. And, in addition to the 2,000 books Target donated to the campus, each student and his or her siblings also received seven books to take home and add to their own collections. We are so grateful for Target’s generosity.
This great new library comes at a time I have told my staff that I want to blow the cover off reading in AISD! I am confident that this wonderful library at T.A. Brown will certainly inspire students to want to become better readers.

In addition to unveiling the new library, Target also launched a Target Meals for Minds school-based pantry site at the campus. This pantry will help us to combat childhood hunger and its impact on learning. Through the Target Meals for Minds program, all T.A. Brown Elementary students and families will be able to choose from a variety of staple foods and fresh produce to take home.

AISD and Brown Elementary School are grateful to Target for this wonderful library makeover.