Monday, August 22, 2011

Govalle Elementary

Govalle Elementary School, a Recognized school, was one of 15 AISD schools to move up one level in the state  accountability ratings, despite the fact that the State raised the performance standards. So, of course, we wanted to present the “Recognized” flag to Principal Nancy Maniscalco, her PTA president Gabe De La Cerda, and several student leaders as soon as we arrived. I asked a student named Kelvin how many books he read last year. “Over 100,” was his answer. I told him that was exactly what I like to hear. 

I then got into math manipulatives with the 2rd graders of Dan Gach’s class, Govalle’s Teacher of the Year. I also stopped into the 3rd grade classroom of the school’s Teacher of Promise, Crystal Davis.

Next I visited the Science Lab, in which teacher Lana Stone and several students, calling themselves “the 4th grade engineers,” demonstrated their work from the summer STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) academy. Student engineers Robert, Gloria, David and Eduardo explained their STEM hand-pollinating project to me, through which they pollinated flowers. They were like human insects. They turned what they learned into blogs about their work. I was so impressed by their writing and the responsibility they took as bloggers. Please visit the incredible site they created and the video about their summer work at

I ended the visit to Govalle by joining the kindergarten classes for lunch. They were so cute and nervous going through the line for the first time this year. It looks like a great start to another great year at Govalle.

Go Govalle Roadrunners!